“Caffe Concerto” London, England2016-09-08T15:13:37+00:00
Bechstein Grand Piano, Harrods in London2016-09-08T15:14:11+00:00
“Stradivarius Violins” Actually a clothing store in Verona, Italy2016-09-08T15:16:50+00:00
With my lovely wife Janelle in Paris, France2016-07-19T04:30:51+00:00
The spectacular Grand Paris Opera House, a short walk from the residence of Frederick Chopin2016-09-08T15:18:08+00:00
Entrance into Chopin’s suite at 80 rue Taitbout Square d Orleans, Apt. 9, Paris, France2016-09-08T15:20:19+00:00
“Chopin’s residence” (1842-1848) at 80 rue Taitbout; Square d’ Orleans, Apt #9 Paris, France2016-09-08T15:21:09+00:00
“Chopin’s courtyard” entrance to his residence at rue Taitbout Paris, France2016-09-08T15:21:48+00:00
“Frederic Chopin’s last residence” until is his death in 1849 Paris, France2016-09-08T15:22:23+00:00