4 Column Classic

4 Column Classic 2017-05-18T18:41:04+00:00
Previous Ambrose University Piano Students 2017-12-31T18:23:33+00:00
Entrance to the Ca Foscari Campus 2016-07-18T19:53:21+00:00
Ca Foscari Campus, University of Venice 2016-07-18T19:55:57+00:00
Venice Conservatory of Music 2016-07-18T19:56:58+00:00
Enjoying Espresso in Venice, Italy 2016-09-08T14:56:34+00:00
St. Mark’s Basilica Church and Square 2016-09-08T14:57:05+00:00
The International Journal of Arts & Science Conference (IJAS), Barcelona, Spain 2016-09-08T14:58:22+00:00
Entrance to the Casa Convalescencia Conference – Campus de la UAB, Barcelona 2016-09-08T14:59:47+00:00
My lovely wife Janelle in romantic Sorrento, Italy 2017-08-01T01:41:22+00:00
Cliffs of Sorrento, Italy 2016-07-19T15:59:44+00:00
Enjoying a classic Spanish dish, smoked Sardines 2016-09-08T15:01:22+00:00
Palma Cathedral in Palma, Majorca 2017-07-31T22:40:57+00:00
Old Cobble Stone Road to Valldemossa Monastery 2017-07-31T22:44:48+00:00
Entrance into the Monastery, Valldemossa 2017-07-31T22:46:42+00:00
Carthusian Monastery in Valdemossa, Spain where Chopin & George Sand spent the year 1838-1839 2016-09-08T15:03:41+00:00
Chopin at the entrance garden into the Monastery 2016-09-08T15:04:23+00:00
Church Sanctuary in Monastery 2016-07-18T20:08:35+00:00
My wife Janelle, enjoying the view from the balcony at the monastery in Valldemossa 2019-01-07T04:32:23+00:00
Hallway to the piano studio and living quarters of Chopin 2016-09-08T15:05:43+00:00
Living Room with view of Chopin’s garden terrace 2016-09-08T15:07:21+00:00
View of garden terrace with Edwin standing at entry to the living room 2016-09-08T15:08:27+00:00
Garden terrace in full bloom 2016-09-08T15:09:00+00:00
View out window of Chopin piano studio 2016-09-08T15:09:32+00:00
View from balcony terrace outside Chopin’s studio 2016-09-08T15:10:40+00:00
Cast of Chopin’s face & hand 2016-07-18T20:18:12+00:00