Fryderyk Chopin Songs, Opus 74

Dr. Rachel Goldenberg, soprano / Edwin Gnandt, piano

Edwin's reviews

''Edwin Gnandt is a pianist of sensitivity; he has about him that elusive but distinct refinement that a wine connoisseur or a horseman might refer to as breed. One gets the impression that at his worst, this pianist couldn't offend one's sensibilities, that a lapse of taste wouldn't figure in his musical makeup.''

-Benjamin Epstein, Los Angeles Times
Edwin's reviews

The Soul of the Music:

Gifts from the Golden Age of Piano

With a career that has extended over 30 years, pianist and teacher Edwin Gnandt brings forth insightful observations concerning the development of piano performance and teaching since the Golden Age of Romanticism. With stylistic clarity, he identifies transitional points and changes that have shaped the world of piano performance and teaching that exists today.