“Edwin Gnandt is a pianist of sensitivity; he has about him that elusive but distinct refinement that a wine connoisseur or a horseman might refer to as breed. One gets the impression that at his worst, this pianist couldn’t offend one’s sensibilities, that a lapse of taste wouldn’t figure in his musical makeup.”
Benjamin Epstein


“Gnandt seems to have an endless variety of tonal weight at his command. He possesses a French style of coloration – like a painting that features 15 shades of light blue and 20 shades of dark blue.”
Heuwell Tircuit


“The Canadian polished this outgoing concerto nicely with a fine finger technique and an ear for phrasing.”
Charles Shere


“Gnandt made a most concisely alluring sound – his most impressive showing came with a sweeping romantic reading of the Chopin Ballade in F minor.”
Allan Ulrich


“The Liszt was performed with flowing strength and magnificent phrasing, passing from strikingly clear attacks to romantic liquid legato phrasing.”
Don Forsyth


“Seeing Mr. Gnandt in action, presenting his book and running everything so professionally was a thrill. He is a Master!”
Linda Kundert-Stoll, President