Edwin Gnandt and Willard Schultz will be the clinicians for the 2014 CASSA Piano Pedagogy Workshop.

Topics for Piano Pedagogy Workshop:

Session I (9:00 am to noon)
Part 1 Edwin Gnandt – “Understanding Chopin Style”
Probing stylistically into the heart of the piano music of Chopin

Part 2 Willard Schultz – “An Approach to the Sequencing of Repertoire”
Mr. Schultz will discuss the necessity of planning logical sequencing of repertoire, for teachers, from each of the four basic eras. It can be of inestimable value in the musical and technical progress of the student.

Session II (1:00 to 4:00 pm)
Part 1 Edwin Gnandt – “The Soul of the Music: Gifts from the Golden Age of Piano”
19th Century Golden Age Pianists and Composers gave the 20th Century a wonderful pianistic, compositional and pedagogical legacy. This lecture will deal with Mr. Gnandt’s recently published book and discuss some of the gifts that 19th Century Romanticism contributed to the pianistic world.

Part 2 Willard Schultz – “Program Planning and Performance Preparation”
To teach is to learn; this session will cover basic thoughts of planning and preparing students for performance. Considerations will be given to:
The Occasion
The Performer
The Listener(s)

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St. Vladamir’s Cultural Centre
404 Meredith Road NE
Calgary, AB

9:00am – 4:00pm